Radio licence applications soars.
Radio licence applications soar in the US.

In these uncertain times have seen shoppers race to the supermarkets in droves to bulk buy necessities.So too have applications for radio licences in the US spiked dramatically as people want to ensure they are equipped to maintain communications with others in emergency situations and disasters. Particularly helpful when other communications networks are impacted.

Data from the Federal Communications Commission says compared to this time last year the number of people applying for amateur radio license courses on has soared more than 700%. They have also observed a 7.1% percent increase
in new amateur licensees in the past 3 weeks alone.

Given the start to 2020 so far with bush fires, floods and now a world pandemic on our hands preparation is important and ensuring you have a communication back up plan before you need it is crucial.

Inadequate emergency communications are inconvenient at best, and catastrophic at worst.

Here at Tecsun Radios Australia we sell a variety of radios ideal for all types of radio communications enthusiasts. Many of our radios enable listening to a range of broadcasts including AM/MW, FM, Shortwave AM and SSB), Longwave, and VHF Air Band.
In addition to our radio selection we pride ourselves on having a fundamental understanding of how each radio model operates, and provide specialist advice on fringe radio reception.

Our top radio picks are.

XIEGU G90 High Performance Portable Amateur Radio Transceiver. With the capacity to both receive and transmit enabling you to talk with other users.

Tecsun PL600 World Band Radio.The perfect entry product to the world of shortwave listening The SSB capability of this radio allows the reception of HF aircraft, marine, Amateur Radio, 4WD clubs, and outback communications.

Tecsun PL310ET Multi-Band Radio Featuring a large backlit LCD display and direct frequency entry from the keyboard makes monitoring a breeze. Pocket-sized, the unit is supplied with earphones, a soft carry case and a comprehensive user manual.

Tecsun R-909 AM/FM Radio lightweight. Featuring good audio clarity and volume level, possibly the best for this class of radio with consideration to the radio and speaker size for its size this lightweight portable analogue tuning radio.

In Australia you need an amateur licence to communicate on amateur frequencies, hobby radio and technical experimentation including morse code and decoding images.

You can apply by visiting ACMA