We are not just a radio store. We are proud to be a place to come to learn about shortwave, keep up with shortwave news, download guides, and even listen to our live SDR.

I am sure you are aware by now Tecsun stocks a range of shortwave and internet radios already. All of these radios have been hand tested by Tecsun Radios Australia Owner, and radio enthusiast Garry.

This is your assurance that you are purchasing a quality radio.

Each radio comes with a shortwave listeners guide, which was written by Garry himself and contains loads of useful information, like what to listen to, how shortwave works, and troubleshooting advice.

Unlike other online retailers, we provide trouble shooting advice from the owner himself, who has over 50 years experience in evaluation, using, and troubleshooting radio receivers. What we like to call good old fashioned customer service. Something you don’t get much these days!

On this very topic of customer service, we published a blog about customer service earlier this year after a rather extraordinarily bad experience connecting a new apartment to the internet.
In fact, our fantastic blog on our website has, over the past 7 years, featured everything from road testing products to radio reviews right through to the latest news and radio competition updates.

On the blog you can also see a cute video of penguins at an Antarctic base dancing to some shortwave music and learn how Tecsun Radios Australia has kindly donated over two dozen radios to this base,

Thinking about buying a new radio but not sure where to start? Each radio has a very comprehensive description and list of features, what’s more, previous customers have left reviews on most of our products so you can also read how other people have found that radio or product!

We have a variety of downloadable guides available on our website, simply head to the radio guides tab of the website, there you will find a drop-down menu that includes a digital copy of our shortwave listener’s guide, A shortwave explained guide, MW stations listing, and a DAB+ Explained guide. In addition, we also have some radio guides available for the visually impaired.

Tecsun Radios Australia also provides an online shortwave radio listening platform. Simply head to our website menu and click on Tecsun SW radio online. Then click to start OpenWebRX.
The screen will come up with some static sound and a waterfall screen, then simply follow the instructions below. Signals that are on the air are represented by vertical lines down the screen.

Using the drop down menu on the RH side of the screen:

  • Enter the desired frequency in the box marked “kHz” in top left hand white box
  • Or use the “select band” menu to jump to a pre-defined band.
  • Use the zoom icons to zoom in or out from the frequency you have entered.
  • Tune by clicking on the waterfall, spectrum or the cyan/red-colored station labels.
  • Select a mode. Shortwave stations use AM, amateur radio stations use LSB 10Mhz and below and USB for 10Mhz and above. 
  • If you are looking for a DRM station click the DRM mode button and select a station from the drop down schedule.

  When you purchase a radio from Tecsun Radios Australia you are supporting a small Australian business that support local jobs and local industry. We conduct all of our warehousing, marketing, advertising, printing, from local businesses and source our Australia pined AC chargers with C tick approval from an Australian supplier. Tecsun Radios also extends a wealth of product knowledge and experience to customers through our email and phone support channels to ensure customers receive the best advice and get the most from their radio purchase.

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  1. Maurice
    Maurice says:

    HI guys & girls Radio Spain now on 1520Khz @ 2209 GMT.

    Using a Tecsun Pl660 with a Pks Indoor ham loop.
    Come on Guys and girls how about a few comments?
    Im getting lonely out here!


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