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Read The PL-330 Review In The April Edition Of The ARDXC Newsletter

The Tecsun PL-330 is the latest pocket-sized portable receiver offering SSB capability. This feature, coupled with direct frequency entry makes the PL-330 the ideal receiver for those wishing to listen to shortwave radio utility stations, amateur radio transmissions as well as regular shortwave broadcasts. Our Tecsun PL 330 has been featured in the latest edition […]

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How To Set Up Your Radio Shack

As the weather begins to cool, it is a great time to set up and organise your radio shack. Crucial for wireless communication, the first radio shacks were aboard ships in the 1900s, several radio units were housed above the bridge in wooden structures. Similar to a man cave the radio shack is essential for […]

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World Radio Day Feb 13 2021

Saturday is World Radio Day Feb 13 2021! Since November 2011 the world has been celebrating World radio day. The day was proposed by Spain and unanimously accepted by UNESCO Radio was invented over 120 years ago and is one of the most important inventions of the modern world that Helps us stay in touch. […]

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Garry’ Shortwave story

Many technically inclined people have discovered shortwave listening in their youth. Years later they continue to the fascinated by what can be heard on the shortwave bands. This is my story…. As a teenager, I became interested in radio by reading the hobbyist magazines of the day. There were tantalising ads for army disposals stores […]

Why Now Is The Time to Prepare Your Emergency Kit

The thing about emergency kits is you don’t need them till you do.  As the name states, “Emergency” Meaning: A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action                      Having a prepared Emergency Kit on hand, filled with items that will help you survive a bushfire or natural disaster, easily accessible and ready to […]

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Troy from Free Range Sailing shares his experience using the Tecsun PL600 shortwave radio at sea

We were delighted to watch this review by Troy & Pascale from Free Range Sailing who are currently exploring our beautiful country in a 30-foot yacht called Mirrool. Whilst sailing through northern Australia as well as the west coast of Tasmania there are limited coastal stations broadcasting on VHF. Using a shortwave radio like the […]

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Q Codes and what they mean

  Q codes were developed by Morse Code operators as a method of communicating quickly and accurately. Rather than send a complete phrase, Q codes were developed to cover most operational situations. Q codes can be used to ask or answer a question, and can be used by operators who speak different languages. Q codes […]

Amateur Radio Nets, Providing An Open Communications Link For Those In Isolation.

Amateur Radio networks are providing worldwide communications and vital social communications during the current pandemic.   During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, most of the population have resorted to Chat and video conferencing Apps to stay in touch. Around Australia, there are hundreds of people staying in touch using an older, more traditional means, […]