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Upcoming Amateur Radio Field Days.

Tecsun Radios Australia are proud sponsors of the two upcoming field day events. The CCARC Wyong Field Day “MayHam”2021 on SUNDAY, 30 MAY 2021 And the ORARC 2021 Field Day on Saturday and Sunday the 12th and 13th of June 2021 during the Queens Birthday Long Weekend. MAYHAM at Wyong will feature car boot sales, […]

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National Meteorological Broadcasts Weather Warnings: Keeping our Coastal and High Sea Boaters, Both Commercial and Recreational Safe

When you are out to sea, it is crucial to keep on top of the weather forecasts, a change in swell and wind can change the sailing landscape from smooth to challenging. The Australian Bureau of Meterorology (BOM) Marine Forecast Service provides regular weather forecasts and warnings Australia wide. This information is broadcast on HF […]

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A short history of Radio Communications Systems used by Australians in WW1 and WW2 and later.

As ANZAC day approaches this year, it’s a good time to reflect on how radio communications has evolved over time, accelerated by wartime conflicts, and how difficult it must have been during times of conflict. Prior to the introduction of radio communications, messages during wars were sent using dogs and homing pigeons. Short range communications […]

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World Amateur Radio Day April 18

World Amateur Radio Day  A celebration of how radio has been serving people for over 100 years. Date: April 18, 2021 Time : All Day This year’s theme is “Amateur Radio: Home but Never Alone.” Every year on April 18, Radio Amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration of Amateur Radio. The theme of […]

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Read The PL-330 Review In The April Edition Of The ARDXC Newsletter

The Tecsun PL-330 is the latest pocket-sized portable receiver offering SSB capability. This feature, coupled with direct frequency entry makes the PL-330 the ideal receiver for those wishing to listen to shortwave radio utility stations, amateur radio transmissions as well as regular shortwave broadcasts. Our Tecsun PL 330 has been featured in the latest edition […]

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How To Set Up Your Radio Shack

As the weather begins to cool, it is a great time to set up and organise your radio shack. Crucial for wireless communication, the first radio shacks were aboard ships in the 1900s, several radio units were housed above the bridge in wooden structures. Similar to a man cave the radio shack is essential for […]