Radio enthusiast Jay, founder of review site RadioJayAllen, recently reviewed the Tecsun S-2000 on his blog.

Jay reviewed an early sample of this multi-band portable model many years ago, but was interested to re-test the newer version of the S-2000 to see the difference. Here are some of his comments:

“…the S-2000 competes very well with contemporary portables and its fun factor is high.” 

“I love the looks and feel of the radio.” 

“…it is unusually well suited for use with external antennas.” 

“After extensive comparisons it was apparent that it was at least as sensitive on SW as any of the smaller portables, sometimes even a bit better.”

“…a pleasant sounding radio.”

Thanks to Jay for his in-depth analysis. To take a look at the full review and Jay’s blog, click here.

NB: While Tecsun Radio Australia supports Jay and his work, his views are his own, and should not be attributed to Tecsun Radios Australia.

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