For the last 78 years, the Sydney to Hobart yacht race has been run on Boxing Day December 26.

This year the cannon will sound at 1pm, signalling the start of the race once again. The Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race commences on 26 December and ends on December 31, 2023

This year 113 entrants will race the 628 nautical mile course. The oldest vessel in this years race was built in 1932.

All radio sked frequencies and times remain the same as previous years and are listed below.

Radio Relay Vessel, JBW will shadow the fleet throughout the race and will dock in Hobart with the fleet. STS “Young Endeavour” will be accompanying the Fleet south to Hobart and is designated as the standby radio relay vessel.

STS Young Endeavour was gifted to the people of Australia by the British government in 1988, as a gift to celebrate Australia’s bicentenary and is operated by the Australian Navy as a training vessel.

As the name suggests, the race is from Sydney to Hobart. Installation of an operational HF transceiver is mandatory for all vessels entered in the race.

HF and shortwave radio enthusiasts can listen in to position and weather reports during the race by monitoring the following frequencies:

Primary HF frequency: 4483 kHz USB

Secondary frequency: 6516 kHz USB

6516 kHz USB is constantly monitored by relay vessel “JBW” owned and donated for use during the race by Mr John Winning, owner of Appliances Online. JBW is a 70 foot motor cruiser.

Weather forecasts (Bureau of Meteorology):

4426 kHz, 8176 kHz, 12365 kHz and 16546 kHz, USB at 1030, 1430 and 1830 AEST daily, 2201 kHz, 6507 kHz, 8176 kHz and 12365 kHz USB at 0230, 0630 and 2230 AEST daily.

Tasmanian weather forecasts on the above frequencies at: 1130 and 1530 AEST


Tasmanian maritime radio:

2524 kHz, 4146 kHz, and 6627 kHz USB at 0745, 1345, 1633 and 1903 AEST

Position reports:

4483 kHz USB at 1835, and 0635AEST daily

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  1. Mark Bosma VK2KI / VK6QI
    Mark Bosma VK2KI / VK6QI says:

    Thanks Garry – useful information.

    I’ll give my new PL-368 a try!

    VK2KI / VK6QI


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