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AN100 Loop Antenna Review

Radio Reviewer Gary Ryan VK2ZKT wrote a AN100 Loop Antenna review Here are just a few of the things he had to say in his AN100 Loop Antenna review “Being a keen AM Broadcast Band listener the opportunity to purchase a loop antenna for AM reception cannot be overlooked.” “The AN100 Loop Antenna … looks like a piece of artwork … the finish […]

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We’re an Australian-owned family business

Tecsun Radios Australia is a second-generation, family-owned and operated Australian business that has established itself as the premier dedicated communications radio provider servicing Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region. When you purchase a radio from Tecsun Radios Australia you are supporting a small Australian business that support local jobs and local industry. We […]

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Tecsun PL880 Radio Firmware 8820

Checking your Tecsun PL880 Radio Firmware 1/ The radio should be turned off. Press and hold ‘AM BW’. The display panel will turn on and display all functions. 2/ Press and hold ‘AM BW’ again. Your Tecsun PL880 Radio firmware will display as a 4-digit number. The latest firmware version is 8820. All of our Tecsun […]

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Supporting Australian Amateur Radio Clubs

CQ VK Amateur radio clubs! With over 15,000 members of the Australian amateur radio clubs and societies, we believe that it’s important to support these amateur radio clubs and societies which bring welcome and together hobbyists, amateurs and licensed amateurs. Best of all, these amateur radio clubs introduce the interest to new members of the […]


Australia’s best quality radios – C-tick Compliance

Our promise of quality radios: C-tick compliance Here at Tecsun we’re all about stocking high quality radios and products that speak to what’s important to our customers, and that’s why our products come with a C-tick. Our products, including their chargers, comply with the very strict technical standards for Electromagnetic Compatibility and establishes a traceable […]


PL880 Radio Silicon Chip Magazine Review

Our Tecsun PL880 Radio was reviewed in December 2014’s Silicon Chip Magazine.  Here are just a few of the things they had to say about it: “Top marks to Tecsun!” “Features and performance which far exceed those of the smaller cousins.” “It’s a good looking radio, it’s a great sounding radio and it has every feature you […]