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In recent and welcome news, RNZ (Radio New Zealand) shortwave radio broadcasts have resumed from the hours of 5am to 9am ( NZ time) to the ​​Pacific region. A service that ceased back in 2016.

As a result of this decision, listeners in the remote areas of the Pacific will now have 24-hour access to these broadcasts instead of it turning off early in the morning every day. 

We have previously reported just how important these broadcasts are for many remote communities who regularly endure unexpected weather patterns and can lose contact with the mainland and emergency services. Emergencies don’t stop between the hours of 5am and 9am, therefore access to emergency broadcasts shouldn’t either.

We applaud the decision by the NZ Government to contribute extra funding for shortwave services. We hope the Australian Government is taking notes!

One of the most widely listened to broadcasts is the RNZ Pacific’s flagship daily current affairs programme Pacific Waves which is also broadcast by the BBC Pacific Service.

So, what will be broadcast ? At various times RNZ will run 3 different frequencies, at 5am NZT tune in on 7425 kilohertz, at 6am NZT listen on 9700 kilohertz, and at 8am NZT change the dial to 11725 kilohertz

This information and image is courtesy of the RNZ website.

For the full schedule of shortwave frequencies check out the RNZ Pacific website.

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  1. Lawrence Cohen
    Lawrence Cohen says:

    This is Larry Cohen from far Upstate NY, USA.
    I have to re-tell this true story.
    Years ago circa 2021, we had an active short wave listening club here. Since then, however, some memebers have passed away and others just moved away.
    Every year during the first wknd in November we would have a DX camp in Brantingham Lake, NY.
    Since I was kind of new to SWL, when I started to rec the signal from New Zealand, instead of just logging the info,
    I listen to the entire 1/2 hour new program about houses burning, etc.
    My fellow SWL DX’ers said to me ” you are just supposed to log the station, not listen to it”…ha!!!!
    best regards,
    +1 202 569 8630 World Phone


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