tecsun pl880 radio firmware 2

Checking your Tecsun PL880 Radio Firmware

1/ The radio should be turned off. Press and hold ‘AM BW’. The display panel will turn on and display all functions.

tecsun pl880 radio firmware

2/ Press and hold ‘AM BW’ again. Your Tecsun PL880 Radio firmware will display as a 4-digit number.

tecsun pl880 radio firmware 2

The latest firmware version is 8820. All of our Tecsun PL880 Radios come installed with the latest firmware.

This hidden feature is one of many that can be read about here in the Tecsun PL880 Hidden Features post.

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  1. Stefan
    Stefan says:


    Any news about a new firmware that may be coming out? A working synchronous detector would be awesome. There is still a lot of distortion when using SSB mode.


    • michael
      michael says:

      Hi Stefan,

      There is no news regarding a firmware upgrade. 8820 is very stable. I will ask the factory about synchronous detection-the PL 660 has the best.
      Distortion on SSB ? Depends what bandwidth you are using, but less than 3KHz might cause the signal to sound distorted. We have had no customer feedback regarding this issue.

  2. Michael Q
    Michael Q says:

    Nov 06, 2018:
    My question is: Are all recently manufactured (2017-2018) PL-880’s using the 8820 firmware and does Tecsun ever plan on any future firmware upgrades for this product? It would be interesting if Tecsun would in future be able to do firmware updates over the internet like other products.Thanks for your answer in advance!, Michael, Canada

    • Garry Cratt
      Garry Cratt says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your email and comments. Tecsun will only release new firmware in response to an operational or performance problem. This could be in response to a component performance variation during production.We always pass on customer suggested improvements for incorporation in future releases. If they can be incorporated into a new release, they will be. Firmware V 8820 has been stable for a long time now and no updates are planned. Unfortunately the architecture of the PL-880 design requires a specific programmer with a custom serial interface, and can only be performed by direct connection to the receiver.

  3. Dave
    Dave says:

    On my PL880 i can not directly input any frequency between 2 Mhz and 3 Mhz, it just reverts back to the previous frequency. Is this normal ? On my PL660 i can direct input ANY frequency.

    • Garry Cratt
      Garry Cratt says:

      Hi Dave, just key in the frequency then press the arrow key (bottom RH key on the numeric keypad) to make direct frequency entries. Best Regards Garry

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