australia day shortwave contest

Got plans for Australia Day? You may want to change them and test your shortwave operating skills!

aussie day shortwave contest

This Australia Day why not enter the Amateur Radio Australia Day contest?

This is the first time this contest has been held to promote community participation and to improve operating skills and will no doubt become an institution every Australia Day!

The aim of the contest: Amateurs in Australia, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea and their external territories, will endeavor to contact other stations in the region. Points are awarded for valid contacts between VK, ZL, and P2 stations based on the number of contacts made.

HF SSB Voice transmissions should be within:

1843-1875, 3535-3570 and 3600-3700, 7080-7300, 14112-14300, 21150-21450, 28300-29100KHz

Who can enter? Only licensed amateur radio operators can enter, however shortwave listeners can listen to contestants making contacts.

A contest like this, where there are likely to be many amateurs on air, is a good opportunity for shortwave listeners to improve their antenna systems.

What equipment would be suitable to enter? The Xiegu G-90 and the HF Dipole antenna would be a highly suitable combination to both receive and transmit.

shortwave radio competition australia

How can you listen?

Listeners could use PL-330, PL365 and PL368, PL-880, PL-990x or H501x receivers.

Want the best sound possible when listening to the contest or in fact shortwave radio in general?? We highly recommend listening on your TRA Self-powered  Communication Speaker which is ideal for use in amateur radio contests as it makes listening to weak stations much easier!

For more information including the contest rules and how to log your results read the detailed events page on the Wireless Institute of Australia HERE


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