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The re-introduction of shortwave to Russia using DRM.

Russia is considering the re-introduction of shortwave radio using DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale), a technology which is designed to cover large areas at modest operating cost. Prior to the 2000’s, shortwave was broadcast in Chukotka for communications across the far northeastern region of Russia and the Northern Sea but was gradually discontinued as funding became […]

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The Future Of Shortwave.

  The future of Shortwave is looking bright as the BBC Shortwave transmissions service of two decades ago is being revisited.   In a time where people are distancing themselves and experiencing isolation. Shortwave may just be what the world needs to unite all cultures!   People who enjoy shortwave and for those who are […]


Be sure to tune in to the Radio Australia enthusiasts special event Station on March 14-15 Australian Shortwave radio has played an important part in Australia’s telecommunication history. From 1939 to 2017, hundreds of communities around Australia have relied on this service for entertainment, news and local announcements. Join Radio Australia enthusiasts for this last […]